Hey there — it’s me again!

I’m not sure where I’ve been. Distracted mostly, I guess. Sort of like church, you miss a Sunday and then it’s years before you go back … if ever.

I think it started with the election. I don’t know about you, but I’m tired of our Prez. I want him to go away. Wouldn’t he be so much happier if he went back to his old life of travel, golf and firing people? I know I would be if he did. And I wouldn’t be spending so much time marching and protesting.  Not to mentioning the phone calling to Washington. Whew!  My Senator, Tillis is his name, usually says something along the lines of he’s given it a lot of thought and is voting as his constituents want … meaning his financial supporters, since I’m one of his constituents and he’s never voted the way I’d like him to vote. He says I should trust him to do what’s best!  Ha!


Jim and I have been on two cruises; one around the Caribbean and the other to the Panama Canal.  Both of them encountered strong winds which forced us to skip ports and me to be sick.  The Caribbean one had a great band which made Jim and me dancing fools … really.  You should have seen us.  Of course, you would have needed to be drunk to have enjoyed us.


Yep, that was us!

Jim rehabbed a place to flip and I helped a bit. Mostly, with painting, which I hate. And I got my beach place together and sold it. That caused me to cart car loads of stuff back to Raleigh. I seem to have doubles of a lot of things now. The nice thing?  I just have one house to take care of.  Why do we accumulate so much stuff?  George Carlin did a great bit on “stuff”. If you never saw it, try looking it up on You Tube.  A lot of this “stuff” is still sitting around my house here waiting for me to find a place for it. I think I’ll just leave it for the kids to deal with after I’m gone … as in gone to Heaven.

Which brings me to the present. I thought I was doing okay in the karma department, but I guess not. The other day, Yahoo kept downloading the same 300+ old emails to my Windows Live Mail. I couldn’t find a way to delete them all at once, so after doing them individually I decided the heck with it, I’d just keep the doubles and triples.

Then yesterday, I was working on a spreadsheet I created for a trip my friend Marie, Jim and I are taking to Paris and Ireland in September. I was the one elected to handle the arrangements which meant some things were paid in full, and some just deposits. Therefore I needed to sort out who paid what at this point. And I needed to let them know what I’ve been spending their money on and how much! I don’t have Excel. I use Open Office which means often times it can’t be read by others. I saved it as a PDF file and when I re-opened it, it was gobbledygook. Shoot. It couldn’t even be read by me. In deciding to re-do it, I couldn’t find the toolbar that had the fonts on it. pulling hair (267x189) In frustration, rather than toss my laptop out the window, I downloaded a one month free trial of Office. Well … the Outlook portion hijacked some of my folders from Windows Live Mail.  What??  Are you kidding me? And they were not to be found on Outlook.  I worked until 9:45 last night resurrecting my folders with help from Yahoo Mail.  I’m half afraid to remove Office from my computer for fear it will do something else.  Karma has me worried too! I think she’s out to get me.  I better straighten up and fly right. (An old saying and song.)

Just me having fun in my life!


4 thoughts on “Hey there — it’s me again!

    • I’ll just pretend I still live there. Well Jim is there, so technically I’m still having fun in Murrells Inlet. Ha!
      We’ll be in Paris the 6th to the 13th. Then we head to Dublin until the 20th.
      And you?


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