*** Public Service Announcement ***

Ways we can Make America Great Again —  in case Trump forgets us.

Since I spend a lot of time driving between North Carolina and South Carolina, sometimes within days of a previous trip, I feel well qualified in putting forth my suggestions.

First — and this is for my Virginia friends — if you plan to leave your state, could you please just head north? If you must go south, one word –fly.  I understand there are some really good flight deals. By flying south, you eliminate that long boring drive down and back, thereby relieving the congestion on I-95. I know this because today most of the plates were from VA.  I saw a District of Columbia.  One from Maryland. Three from NY.  All the rest were VA and NC.  Now since I was in North Carolina, I understand the NC plates.  But really, I think VA outnumbered NC.

Now, I will be driving back down in a few days and I will see a lot of Quebec plates and some Ontario. These plates will be on a great many really large RVs. Many pulling a car behind them. Actually, three of my car would fit in the same road length. But, remember, these snowbirds are doing their part to Make America Great Again by spending their money here.  Plus — they don’t pay taxes to us, except for sales tax and those endless tolls on the northern  parts of I-95. So we need all the dollars we can get from them. Fill up our coffers! Thanks Canucks!

Which brings me to my next point — you can not drive faster than the vehicle in front of you. Now I know those of you who drive the big ol’ honkin’ white pickup trucks and SUVs sign an agreement when you purchase your vehicle that you will uphold the tradition of tailgating and  intimidating the vehicle in front of you no matter how fast they are driving; but all you do is piss us off. Get over yourself! We know you’re just being a bully and no-one likes a bully.

If you like using cruise control and you set it 15 -20 miles over the speed limit, you can tell the vehicle in front of you is not going that speed, so disengage it before you plow into or scare the hell out of the other driver. If that said driver has a heart attack from the fright of getting rear-ended by you, trust me — you’re going out with him and a few other innocent people.

Lastly, if you feel you were elected to be the speed monitors, you weren’t.  If you are driving the speed limit or just under, get out of the left lane.You make people crazy. Then they do crazy shit to get around you, thereby endangering others. There aren’t any exits from the left lane on I-95 in NC. Get in the right lane and drive with all the other speed monitors. You don’t like the trucks in the right lane? Too bad.  Then your only choice is to step up your game and mash down the gas pedal.

So — if you are all willing to do your part to Make America Great Again, I would greatly appreciate it. I’ll do my part, as well.  When there are too many crazies around me, I get in the right lane behind that line of tractor trailers and know that no-one wants my spot. I’ll wave as you zoom by.