… the Beat Goes On

I’ve been waiting to hear if I would be making the four hour drive up to NC to bring my grandchildren back here to the beach in SC on Friday.  I had suggested to my granddaughter that perhaps she might want to ask her best friend to come to the beach with us.  This was early summer.  And then between my trips and their days with their mother (my son and his ex-wife share custody), it never happened.  Well, two weeks ago my granddaughter asked if I was still going to do it.  But, that following weekend they would be with their mom.  So we moved it to this weekend.

They go to year-round schools, which means they attend school for 9 or 10 weeks, then they are off for about 3 weeks all year round.  And it works very well.  We all like it.  But, right now — they are in school.  Hence, the weekend deal. I’d pick them up Friday after school and have them back Sunday night.

Now — some people might think I’m crazy to drive four hours to get them and four hours back down here.  Then the same in reverse for such a short time.  Actually, there have been times I’ve gone up and back in the same day.  I lived in Southern CA for 22 years, and believe me, people do this out there all the time.  So no big deal.

Spending time with my family is a big deal, though.  So whether it’s up there or here, I’m in.  And maybe that’s why in my last post, I mentioned that I discussed with Jim the fact that we have the time, since we are retired, to be the ones to make the trips to visit his family.  Seeing the grandchildren growing up and even the grown ones is such a joy.

The importance of family hit home with me when my husband died suddenly at the age of 57.  No longer could I count on spending my retirement years as we had planned, doing all the things we liked doing.  Knowing I would never celebrate my 50th anniversary with him.  Knowing he would never know any grandchildren.  Or them, him.  You always hear — live for today because you never know what tomorrow will bring.  And it’s absolutely true.

Relationships matter most

My priority is those I love.  So much of what and when I do things is dependent on their schedules, as well as mine. I think I have managed to incorporate my life and their lives very well.  Sure, I miss a few things here and there.  Mostly small things though.

When I die, I want my grandchildren and my son and daughter to remember all the fun we’ve had. So as long as I can do the drive, I will.

The following weekend, they’ll be back again for Labor Day.  That weekend will include Nascar’s Southern 500 in Darlington.  It will be my six year old grandson’s first race. Should be fun! I may be missing it, though, if my granddaughter raises too much of a stink about going.  Nascar races aren’t her thing and as we all know or can remember — almost 13 year olds really only want to do what they want to do. Otherwise you get the eye-rolling, the “it’s not fair” comments and some pretty good sulking. So, my attendance at the race all hinges on her.  Grandma may have to make the ultimate sacrifice and stay with her.  I’m hoping she chooses to go. Of course, we haven’t purchased our tickets yet.  So, it all may be a moot point.

Notwithstanding the uncertainties, I’m looking forward to these two weekends.  When I spoke to her last night, she definitely didn’t want her little brother coming this weekend.  “He’s such a pain.  He won’t leave us alone.”  I extracted a promise from him that he won’t bother the girls and if he does — he’ll have to go spend time out at Mr. Jim’s.  And in that sweet six year old voice, he replied, “I promise, Grandma.”  Makes my heart melt.



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