Going to my Happy Place

For those of you who know me well, you know that music is an important part of my being.  I’d rather listen to music than watch television.  And music does soothe the soul.

I like and listen to all kinds of music, which puts me at odds with most of my friends who prefer one type — oldies or country. If you listen to my iPod — okay — my mp3 player — my selections are all over the chart. My favorite type, and has been for about the last 15 years, is Smooth Jazz.

I discovered Smooth Jazz when my husband died.  Pop music was too upbeat when I was not.  Country singers sang about somebody leaving or their trucks or their beer.  Smooth Jazz is mostly instrumental.  Which, at the time, suited me just fine.  I didn’t want words.  I had enough words and thoughts flowing through my head already.

I have since incorporated country and pop back into my music choices — namely Lady Gaga, Zac Brown Band, Rihanna and Jason Aldean.

If I find myself feeling down, I listen to something to put me in my happy place.  One such song is easy Like Sunday Morning by Paul Jackson, Jr.  If you are unfamiliar with him, here’s a link if you want to check him out.

Another favorite is one I use for walking.  It has a great beat that seems to match my footsteps perfectly.  I have other songs that work, but this one keeps up the pace I like.

What do you do to get in your happy place?


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