Revisiting my goals

You would think being retired, I would have time to focus on projects I’ve taken on.  And I do have the time.  Why do I waste so much of it?  Maybe I need to step away from Bingo Bash and Mahjong on Facebook.  Or Jewel Quest II on my computer.

I started my blog well over a year ago.  I really never planned to do one.  It just sort of happened.  I had helped a friend set his up and I enjoyed the process of getting it all ready for posts.  So then I decided to set up a blog of my own.  And I’m glad I did.  I really enjoy doing it.  So why am I so lackadaisical about it?  It’s not like I don’t  have things to write about.  My head is full of all kinds of random stuff.  I hate when I procrastinate — which I do too much.  I suspect I have a lot of company on this one, right?

About a year ago, I publicly stated that I was setting a goal of one post a week.  And I’ve failed miserably.  Bad girl — go to your room!  If you haven’t learned to set priorities by the time you’re 72, will you ever learn?  Is it too late for me?  Well, I’m giving it another go.  This time with the help of a writing course.

I will be driving you all nuts with my daily posts, so bear with me.  It won’t last forever.  And when I’m all through, maybe I’ll be a better writer — and a big maybe here — maybe I will become disciplined enough to post weekly.

Wish me luck!


8 thoughts on “Revisiting my goals

  1. Hello – I am in Blogging 101 with you and my blog is about starting out into retirement! I am just making the transition from working. I am just starting a blog (blog #2 just posted). I guess my goal is one blog post a week…maybe you can help keep me honest to it! And I hop to learn from you to be “retired & happy”.

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  2. Procrastination is bad enough. I think I’m taking it to a new level. My Doc is actually referring me to a sleep clinic. Seems 20 hours a day is a bit on the excessive side. Who knew?


  3. Really, who did know? Gee, I hope they figure out the problem. That really cuts into your enjoyment of retirement. Does he think it might have to do with your new routine?


  4. Hello Irene

    Once you start with those games, they’re like the reality shows – they get you in and it’s hard to really know why!

    You are not alone with the procrastination! Part of the problem is that no-one is going to get behind you to complain if you don’t post something. It’s not as if you are going to lose money or harm your career if you don’t write something. You really have to be self-motivated 24/7 which is hard.

    I find life interferes quite a bit too, and I have lapsed a number of times! I often think, when writing a post, “Oh I just need to add such & such a thought…” and I have to learn to be done with it and post the thing, because I can always write another post, in fact I need to save stuff to write in other posts….

    Glad to meet you others doing the course, who are of my age and older!



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    • Thanks for the comments, Maddy. Do you find yourself thinking, “Oh, this will be a blog post” when something interesting happens? And then I never use it!


  5. Hello Irene,
    Its good to see another perspect and experience about retired life. Music can make heart pump and my spirit sing. It is fun to see someone who loves it too. Life as an Older is complex but interesting. I too get pulled in many directions. How did I have time to work? Good luck on blogging.


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