Can we say — too much vacationing?

Being retired is exhausting!  And not because I’m entrenched in my 70s.  Well, that too.  But since Jim declared, “I want to do it before I don’t want to do it anymore”, we’ve been rolling non-stop.  Times like this I wish I could use, “I can’t get off work.”

I’m a people pleaser.  Okay, y’all stop laughing.  Really I am.  Believe me.

If you recall from previous posts, I just recently (in the past year or so) got introduced to cruising.  And I admit, the first one or two were fun.  Well, truth be told — they’ve all been fun, but who’s checking off the list?  Anyway, cruising seems to be dominating my travel.  I keep putting my foot down to no avail.  Except for this last one.  I found this one.

I’m done with cruising the Caribbean.  Southern, Western, Eastern — doesn’t matter!  Been there, done that.  More than once.  No more unless it’s to take the grandchildren to Nassau to do Atlantis.  So back to this last one.

I’ve stated many times I would not go on another cruise unless it was to Alaska.  And Jim was just as adamant that he didn’t want to go anywhere cold.  Alaska was on my bucket list, but not even a consideration for his.  I won!  I really won!

I received an email about a 14 day cruise to Alaska out of Seattle.  And at a really good price.  Since Jim’s motto is “Have bag, Will travel”, he capitulated.  But only after I convinced him that it wasn’t any colder up there than it is here in the Lower 48. Turned out not to be true.  Bad Weather Channel.

Cruise booked and paid for.  Check.

The airfare is how much?  No way!  Like $50 less than the cruise and all we get to eat is peanuts?  From now on, that will be the first consideration. I’m not even going to mention the cost of hotels now.  Whatever happened to $80 rooms?  Now it seems the average is $250.  

Guess I’m living too much in the past.  Like I don’t give greeting cards anymore because they no longer cost $.25.  Call me old — or cheap.  If I can’t say it on Facebook, forget it.

So we got increases in our credit limits to pay for this cheap, spur of the moment trip and headed out of town.  Nothing like taking advantage of a bargain!  Alaska here we come!


First stop, Seattle.  We arrived in the midst of Pride Parade.  We couldn’t cross the street to get to our hotel, so we took pictures.  Don’t ask what naked bicycle riders have to do with Pride, but I guess any opportunity to be naked works for some people.  And really — some riders were a little aged.  Really aged!

Onto the cruise ship the next day.  First stop, Ketchikan.0701151055a  Boy, it was nice to get off the ship for awhile.  I got seasick on the way up.  Thank heavens for Dramamine.

We wandered around town, and stopped in a local bar and had some beers and hot dogs for lunch while we checked our email and of course, Facebook.  Well, Jim did Facebook more than me, truth be told.  I have too many groups that post too much for me to be bothered with while up there.  We enjoyed talking to the bartender, though, who was a transplant from I forget where.

The beauty and majesty of Alaska is unable to be described.  It really is something you have to see in person.  Pictures do not do it justice.  Fjords you felt you could reach out and touch — bald eagles everywhere.

Where were the whales?  I think they heard we were coming and hid.  We could have done an excursion to whale watch, but after four bouts of seasickness, I wasn’t inclined to get on a smaller boat.  I tried that several times when I lived in San Diego and spent most of my time laying on the deck, waiting to die.  So, no thanks!

The glaciers were amazing. The first one  is the Hubbard Glacier. This one was south of Anchorage on our way back to Seattle.  The lower one  is the Mendenhall Glacier outside of Juneau. 07091516330703151628

The highlight of the trip for Jim was doing the zipline at Icy Strait.  This zipline if the highest, longest and fastest in the world.  At least that’s how it was marketed.  It was a 45 minute bus ride to the top of the mountain for a 90 second descent.  Jim took video on the way down and I can honestly say, “I have more sense than him.”  But, then again, he’s a guy.  Anyone who watches or ever watched America’s Funniest Videos knows that you seldom see women doing the stupid stuff the guys do.  Well, actually, there were quite a few girls doing the zipline.  But, I didn’t see any old ladies doing it.   Heck, we all know old ladies would have peed their pants, right?0704151211a  Here he is with hair standing on end, looking a little dazed.  If you happen to bump into him back here at home, you can rest assured that he will whip out his phone and show you the video.  It really is spectacular when you see how high up the zipline started. I would have taken one look at the view and asked to ride the bus back down.  Reminds me of the girl on The Amazing Race a number of years ago who wouldn’t go down the gigantic slide and took herself out of the million dollar competition.  That’s me, folks.  No amount of money…………

Where to next?  Road trips to Pittsburgh, Kansas City and Hartford, CT.  And I’ve got a timeshare week to use or I’ll lose it.  And Jim reminds me of the “free” cruise he has.  I remind him that nothing is free.  Especially a cruise.

I need to go take a tranquilizer.  I’m feeling stress.  Isn’t retirement about sitting in a rocking chair and watching grass grow or paint dry or something?


2 thoughts on “Can we say — too much vacationing?

  1. Gee! It is exhausting just to read all you have been up to. I have to admit I loathe cruises, mainly because I get terribly seasick and I still feel dread at thinking of the Inside Passage crossing ( I did it in May). I was so delirious I shouted at my husband to convince the captain to let me off. I loved Alaska but, aftern another cruise through Portugal and Spain, I hang my crusing hat for good.

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  2. I get sick at least once on every cruise. I understand the bigger the ship, the less likely you are to get sick. The Inside Passage was rough. Have you ever done one of the river cruises in Europe?


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