I want to do it before I don’t want to do it anymore

I was privy to a conversation last night that had me chuckling still this morning.  I walked into Jim’s house last night to find him on the phone with his son, a 40-something retired cop.  It was on speaker phone since Jim prefers not to have to hold his phone.  He was explaining to his son about his latest purchase.

Now before I go any further, let me remind you that Jim is still a daredevil at 74.   Think of all the stupid stuff you see guys in their 20s and 30s doing on America’s Funniest Videos.  Well, Jim hasn’t progressed much beyond that point.  He was the one who went into the pool last News Years Eve, fully clothed, in 30 degree weather.  He’s continually bugging me to go ziplining.  You got the picture?  Right!  He’s a 74 year old adolescent. Someone really needs to film him sometime and submit the video.  I may just have my opportunity.

So, back to the phone call.  Jim said to Danny, “I bought a unicycle.”

” A what?”

“A unicycle, but this one is motorized.”  unicycle (640x640)

Then I heard Danny say the exact same thing I said when Jim showed me the picture.  “You’re going to break your hip.”

Now picture this overweight, out of shape fool with bad knees. I know — disaster waiting to happen. When he got the email or post on Facebook -wherever- about this Tesla, Segway kind of thing, but without any handle bar or seat, I tried my best to discourage him by telling him he would break his hip – or leg – or elbow – or knee.  When that wasn’t having any effect, I resorted to the heavy artillery.  “If you break your hip, you won’t be able to do anything and I’ll have to get a new boyfriend.”  Obviously that threat wasn’t of any consequence because the next day he told me he ordered one.

Back to the phone call.  “You’re nuts!  You’re going to get hurt.”  “No I won’t. It’s easy. If I can’t do it, I’ll give it to Shane.”  (One of his college age grandsons).

The call ended with Danny telling Jim, “Stop spending your money on stupid stuff. Love ya. Bye.”  That’s the line that had me chuckling first thing this morning.  It seems dad and son have traded places.  I can remember my husband telling our son that when he was in college.

When I was talking to Jim this morning and telling him I kept laughing thinking about Danny’s parting remark, he agreed they had changed places — a long time ago!  Then we got into a discussion of spending money willy-nilly.  Perhaps his money burns a hole in his pocket?  “That’s what my daughters told me.”  Seems he’s been getting it from all fronts.

After a little more discussion, we finished with him reminding me that he was 74.  How many more years did he have?  He told me, “I want to do it before I don’t want to do it anymore.”  I announced that that was a great blog title!  End of the story.

*Read and approved by: Jim


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