I May Become a Movie Fan After all

For those of you who know me personally, you know I don’t watch much television or movies.  It hasn’t always been that way.  It came about gradually and started with movies. I got disillusioned with movies when the price went up to five or six dollars and the best part of the movie was the promos they showed on TV.  I decided the more the stars were out promoting the movie, the more disappointing it was.  I still believe that.

And then, the same thing began to happen with television.  By in large, network programs don’t hold much interest to me.  How many CSIs do we need?  I just saw a new one advertised, CSI-Cyber or something like that.  And all the reality shows?  Come on!  Why would I want to spend my time watching people on television act in ways I wouldn’t tolerate in my daily life?  I expect better of people.  And I’m tired of the family comedies where the father is made to be an idiot, with the wife and children putting him down.  What an example for our children.  You talk to dad with sarcasm and put downs.  Boy, how funny is that??

Now I do like Blue Bloods, Jeopardy, and many of the PBS shows.  I quit cable (Time Warner) about two years ago.  I now use Roku.  I can watch just about anything that interests me, by one way or another.  Amazon Prime, Netflix, Hulu, to name a few.

Nebraska (2013) - IMDb 2015-02-11 11-11-30

Well, to get to my point, last night I returned home from being out of town and was very tired. I knew if I read a book, I would fall asleep and didn’t want that to happen at 9 PM, so I decided to watch something. I went on Amazon Prime and starting searching movies. I couldn’t find anything of interest, but noticed a movie, “Nebraska.” I thought this was one that starred Meryl Streep. Wasn’t she in something that had a state name a couple of years ago?  Well, this wasn’t it. This one starred Bruce Dern.  I was a little hesitant because I think of Bruce as the villian in all those westerns he was in.  It started off kind of interesting and I continued to watch. Turns out, I really liked it! I would definitely recommend this to anyone who is an aging parent or who has an aging parent.

The basis of the story was an old man who received one of those letters telling him he won a million dollars. His family couldn’t convince him that it was a scam. He was insistent on going to Lincoln, Nebraska, to get his prize money, even if he had to walk. So his son agreed to take him. The movie was about this trip and their interactions. The rest of the family played a part but it was mainly about the dad and one son.

If you’ve ever gone to visit relatives you haven’t seen in years or gone back to your home town in a long time, you can relate to what went on here in the movie.  I still harbor nightmares from going back to Pittsburgh for visits.

We’ve all heard about the scam artists who manage to get us older people hooked into these things because we are so trusting. Well — not me — I’m the one always looking for the catch.  At least at this point in my life.  But, my daughter has a neighbor who is actually my age and believes all the letters she gets telling her that $2,000,000 is waiting for her at the airport and all she has to do is send a check for $2500 to pay the customs fees.  She has given away so much of her money.  She won’t speak to her family anymore because they are always in her “business.”  My daughter has tried to convince her that these are all scams, but to no avail.  She won’t hear it.

So, the movie had believability.  A real story line.  Not a bunch of fluff with the flavor of the moment on the screen. Things weren’t blowing up.  No guts and gore.  No gratuitous sex.  Just a good story with some humor and some very touching moments.  A movie for adults.  I definitely recommend this movie … Nebraska.  It’s been nominated for 6 Oscars.  Who knew?  I thought it was an old movie, but it is a current one.

Now maybe if I happen upon more movies like this one, I’ll become a fan once again.  And I might even watch the Oscars this year to see if this movie wins anything.  I stopped watching those years ago too.  I didn’t recognize anyone anymore.  And I never saw the movies.  So what was the point?


2 thoughts on “I May Become a Movie Fan After all

  1. I haven’t seen Nebraska yet (somewhere in my Netflix queue) but funny you are the second person in two days to mention it – might have to move it up to the top of my queue. I was never one for tv but with the abundance of shows on HBO/Showtime, Netflix etc I am become more and more acquainted with my couch..

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