My New Year Priorities

I recognize that this is the time when everyone  makes their resolutions for the next year.  I quit doing that quite some years ago.  I never kept them.  It was more like “hopes” than “resolutions”.  I don’t think I ever really consciously felt I needed to put forth the effort. And truth be told, I find one year just blends into another and things don’t really change that much — at least the things I can control.   So, creeping along in my seventh decade, I have decided to prioritize instead.

I intend to spend more time with family.  DSCN0919I have a son, a daughter and two grandchildren (pictured here at my granddaughter’s elementary school graduation) who live about four hours away.  Now I do see them on a regular basis, but I want to make it an intention, rather than a happenstance based on events I need to attend.

My sister-in-law mentioned to me recently that upon her flying into another state to visit her son and his family, her grandson said to her, “I missed you.”  And what joy and love she felt hearing that.  She lives in the same city as her other three grandchildren and provided/provides much of their childcare.  So, there wasn’t much of a chance to have them “miss” her.  So, I know how she felt.  My grandson will just out of the blue say, “I love you, Grandma.”  And my heart swells.

More laughter! I want more belly laughs.  I love laughing and it’s a way I cope.  If a situation is bad, I will find I have to make a joke.  Laughter is just so important to me.  Not just a smile or chuckle, but a real, from deep within, laugh.  This man makes me laugh……cruise 5.01.14 (3)

Listen to less gossip.  I don’t actually gossip much.  I really don’t like it.  Gossip serves no real purpose in life and can be very harmful and hurtful.  And I really don’t like listening to it much, either.  It makes me uncomfortable.  People who gossip to me don’t notice that I don’t respond.  And I feel if they are gossiping about another friend, they’ll do the same about me when I’m not around.  I want to change that.  When someone starts telling me gossip, I want to have the gumption to either tell them I don’t want to listen to it … or just excuse myself and walk away.  If they get offended and don’t want to be my friend, then so be it.

Have more meaningful conversations.  This kind of goes along with the above.  Rather than sit around talking about other people who aren’t present, I’d like to spend more time talking important issues, innovations, inventions, good things people do.   This does not include politics or religion, but advances in health, science, world events.  I want to spend more time with people who care about those things.  I miss the conversations I used to have with these people before I moved away from them.

Paul 2007 (420x589)

Jo and Billy (960x1024) (2)

Is this achievable?  I sure hope so.  None of them are large things.  And they don’t require my jumping on the scale or watching my money.  It’s just what I’ve stated above … setting priorities.


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