Do or Say Unto Others As…..

There has been much said and written about Robin Williams and the sad and shocking details of his death. I have nothing further to say on whether he took the right option, made the right decision, whether he was strong or weak. He did what he did because of his pain. I’ve never felt that kind of pain and can’t even imagine it. So I can’t judge, as so many feel they can. He was a wonderful actor, comedian and from what I’ve read, a good human being.

There is a well written piece that is worth reading – – by Elizabeth Hawksworth. I encourage you all to read it. It is intelligent, compassionate and knowledgeable.

I can only speak to those he left behind … his current wife, his ex-wives, his children and all the remainder of his extended family, his friends, co-workers, the person he bought his cup of coffee from. All of these people are greatly affected. All are thinking about what they did or didn’t say to him What they might have noticed or done to make him feel better. How they wish they had known what he was feeling. These are all things people close and not so close expressed to me on hearing of my husband’s death. And I suspect, those in his world are feeling they let him down somehow.

But the thing those who are left behind will eventually come to realize, it wasn’t about anything they did or didn’t do, it was all about their loved one/friend and how that person felt about his or herself. While we look at someone and see a success, they look at themselves and see failure and shortcomings.

I just read that his daughter had to close her social media accounts because of harassment. How could people be so cruel? What is it within some people to cause them to be cyber-bullies? Why are we so mean? Why do some of us have so little compassion? Have we forgotten – “If you can’t say something nice about someone (or to someone), don’t say anything at all?”

I think it’s time for us all to reacquaint ourselves with the Golden Rule, “Do unto others as you would have others do unto you.”



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