Team Trivia Champs — not!

Okay, so Joe and Carol and Jim and I went to Trivia again this past Tuesday night.  We are nothing, if not determined. Last week we went to King Street Grille at the Marsh, but found the music too loud for our ancient ears. They play a song while we come up with our answers.  How can a person think with the music that loud?  Well, we did okay in the first half and lost big time in the second half.

This time we decided to try another venue.  I said we were determined.  We went to Quigley’s Pint and Plate in Litchfield.  Turns out they were running a Tuesday special of some $10 dinners.  The place was mobbed!  We had to wait for a table.  Since Joe and Carol hadn’t eaten, they wanted dinner.  But I made a great meal of Salmon with an orzo, feta salad that I got from Epicurious.  It was fantastic!  So, Jim and I just drank — which later entered into our discussions.

The original table they gave us was once again — you guessed it — in front of the speaker, so we requested a different table which they agreed.  Once the game began, we found we couldn’t hear very well … we were too far from the speaker.  Hey, it’s tough being senior citizens!  We could have heard okay if it wasn’t for all the big groups talking so loud.  Am I adequately explaining how cranky we were?  Anyway, let the games begin.  We were not to be deterred.

First question — yes — we got it!

Second question — well not quite, but we still got points.

Third question — nailed it.  Here at the halfway point, we were third.  Way to go team!  Great first half.

Fourth question — at what ball park did some batter hit a home run in a stadium in one state and have it land in another state?  Huh?  Okay, let’s think about this guys.  Joe suggested Washington because VA and Maryland are right out of DC.  Okay … but maybe New York/New Jersey.  Or … Philadelphia?  Isn’t New Jersey and Maryland or Delaware right there?  Then I suggested Cincinnati, but you’d have to hit the ball all the way across the Ohio River. No can do.  So we settled on Washington.  The answer?  Cincinnati.  What?  Yeah, someone hit a home run out of the park and somewhere out in the Ohio River is the boundary with Kentucky.  You’re kidding us, right?  Then we realized that the free answer we looked up on the Internet before leaving home was … you guessed it … Cincinnati!  I think this is where the discussion turned to us maybe doing better if Jim and I weren’t drinking scotch.  NO!  That had absolutely nothing to do with it.

I don’t even remember the last two questions because I couldn’t believe we lost a question when I had written down the free answer and as a result,  no longer had my head in the game.

At the end, they have a special points question and it didn’t help us at all.  We had to name in order of oldest to youngest, the men who had been named sexiest men.  They gave us the four men’s names:  Matthew McConaughey,  Channing Someone, Bradley Someone, and Adam Levine.  Well, we knew Matthew had been around a while so we chose him as oldest.  And we’ve seen the Voice and Adam Levine looks kind of old, so he was second.  But the other two?  Channing seemed like a really young person’s name (I thought Channing was a girl’s name, actually), so we put him youngest and Brad between him and Adam. Wrong!  This Brad person was the youngest. Who knew?  Well, the other teams of course.  They were young.

So once again, we fell apart in the second half.  We’ve decided to try Vienna’s next week.  Maybe it will be quieter and we will hear better.  And maybe there won’t be any 12 member teams.  If Vienna’s doesn’t work, then Jim is going to have to join the Moose so we can go there for trivia with all the other old people.

Or maybe we can interview a few people to be on our team.  They would need to be strong in the areas we are lacking. Which would be most.  Who we really need is my friend, Paul  He knows everything!  But he doesn’t live around here.

Anyway, wish us luck next Tuesday!


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