This is it……the life, I mean

I’m sitting here on my porch….it’s 10:28 PM and I am at peace with the world.  Does it get any better than this?

View from my chair

View from my chair

100_2832 (640x480)


Last night, four of us went to a local pub to play TeamTrivia.  We kicked butt in the first half, but got our comeuppance in the second half. We’ll bring reinforcements next week.

Today I managed to do a few chores before heading out to Wii bowling.  I think because our season was over and we were playing for fun,  we all did well.  Jim and Joe even began to bowl sitting in their chairs!  We ended the evening rocking on the porch.  Are we old or what?  Okay … we’re old!

Friday, my much loved grandson, Shane, graduates from pre-school.  I spent most of last year driving four hours north on Monday morning and then four hours south on Friday taking care of him while my son worked.  I love that boy more than can I say. I can’t believe he’ll be starting kindergarten in July.

So, I sit here thinking my life could only be better if my son’s divorce would ever be over. But that too is winding up.  Next month he will finally move back into the house he’s been paying the mortgage on for the past 2.5 years.  Until then, I am enjoying the smaller joys in life … sitting on my porch enjoying the night with thoughts of good friends and family and  pre-school and elementary school graduations. Like I said, “Does it get any better than this?”











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