Day 47: Actions not words

I happened upon this blog by accident and absolutely love what she is writing and doing. I’m sharing this because I think some of you might enjoy it just as much as I do.


Let me start with a warning….I’m not in a good mood today.  But I’m going to own it by writing about it in hopes that I can let whatever “it” is go.

For whatever reason I’ve been thinking a lot about people’s actions lately.  No, wait…it’s not for whatever reason…it’s because I’ve been paying attention to what people say and how they act.  And I’ve started to notice some discrepancies between the two that frankly has left me pissed….and disappointed.

I’ve always been an “action” gal.  It’s never really mattered to me what you say.  A lot of times, I’ll take your words with a grain of salt because they are just that….words.  I know words don’t come easy to everyone.  I know there are some people that are incredibly mindful and purposeful with the words they choose and I’ve noticed those people are usually just as mindful and purposeful…

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