It’s Not All About Me

A couple of things have come to my attention this week that got me to thinking. Why do some people go through life thinking it’s all about them?  If we all felt that “it’s all about me”, what kind of life would we have?  No one would attempt to do right by anyone else.  We’d all just be standing around waiting for the good stuff to happen to us.

I say this because I’ve seen over the past year or so, people who air their dirty laundry on websites like Facebook, etc.  Are they so smug that they think everyone who reads their posts agrees with them?  And I don’t know if there are stats, but it seems women do it more than men.  Maybe it’s because we women tend to talk to our friends about our personal issues more than men.  And of course, the women who do this always have their cheerleaders replying with “Go Girl”, “Right on, Girl”, etc.  There appears to be a lot of male bashing going on right now.

Which brings me to my next point — I didn’t burn my bra in the 70’s so women of younger generations would feel so superior to men that they feel the need to tell their husbands/boyfriends/bosses/whomever, when it was time for them to go to the bathroom.  We burned our bras because women were getting into the workforce and deserved the opportunity to pursue any career they wanted without being confronted with “women don’t do this kind of work”  or “you’ll get pregnant and then quit to take care of babies”.  And by and large, we’ve been successful.  Wages still need to be equalized, but it will happen.  Perhaps this superior attitude has developed because of the types of shows on television where men are portrayed as being bumbling idiots.

We need to stop being so adversarial, men and women.  While my husband was alive, sometimes I was right and sometimes he was right.  There was and is a lot of compromise in a relationship.  If one person in that relationship believes “it’s all about me”, then the relationship will fail.  And this would include your relationship with your friends and children, as well.  It’s never “all about you”.  Have a pity party and get over it.


2 thoughts on “It’s Not All About Me

  1. This is spot-on. I don’t mean to over-generalize, but I think my generation gets so caught up on what they as an individual are thinking/feeling, and not as much focus is given to how they are affecting others. Perhaps this is a contributor to the increase in divorce rate? I see so many of my peers struggling in relationships, stuck in this victim role… and yep, social media is NEVER the appropriate place to share these thoughts. Good food for thought with this post, thank you.


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