Excitement is Building

I’ll be leaving on a cruise this day next week.  I went on my first cruise last October.  I always thought of myself as someone who wouldn’t enjoy cruising.  I thought I’d feel confined. We (my boyfriend and I –can you call someone a boyfriend when they are in their 70’s?) went with 3 other couples and had a great time.

Then, I went on my second cruise in November!  Guess I didn’t feel confined after all. This time it was just the two of us. And I enjoyed myself again.  This time we went to the Bahamas and spent our day there at Atlantis.  We had so much fun doing the river rapids. Actually, that’s all we did — time after time!  Others on the cruise went shopping or stayed on the ship.  But we had a fantastic time. We decided that it might be a great idea to put it out there for others in our park to go on cruise.  We figured there were probably people who didn’t want to do something like this by themselves.  So we have 12 going on this next cruise.  It should be a lot of fun.  It’s been a long winter and the spring has been really sluggish in arriving, so we’re ready!

We’ll go to Nassau again, which is all right.  What I have found with cruisers is, it’s not necessarily the destination as it is the going.  Now — if you don’t drink — it can be a very reasonable way to get away, but you need to add in your tip per day, at a rate of about $11/day per person.  So, generally for $75 a day a person, it’s all included.  Now — if you drink alcohol or shop, it becomes a little more costly.

The cruise we’re leaving on this next week is a cruise out of Charleston, SC on Carnival Cruises.  In my limited experience, I found Carnival to be the most fun.  It’s not so formal and dressy, unless you want it to be.  You don’t have to have an extravagant wardrobe.  This I find very appealing.  In my younger years, my husband and I did a lot of formal events — balls and such.  I don’t like getting really dressed up anymore.  So, I happy with dressier casual.  Plus, it’s easier on the pre-cruise budget.  If you don’t already own fancy gowns, etc., you aren’t laying out big money for clothes to take on the cruise.  But, there are plenty of people who find that part of the attraction — getting all dressed up.  I do enjoy seeing the ladies and men who go all out, though.

Right now, I’m trying to get all my spring chores done before we leave.  With spring arriving so late, it’s crunch time. Regardless of what gets done and what doesn’t, the ship sails next Thursday.  I’ll take some pictures to share with you.



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