Life’s a beach……….

Ahhh … winter is finally on the way out!  I spent the last two days exchanging out my winter clothes for my summer clothes.  I’m optimistically thinking I won’t need heavier clothing anymore.  Spring is my favorite time of the year.  Many people like fall the best because of the beautiful colors, but I’ve never cared for fall.  To me, fall means winter is coming and cold weather, bare trees and early darkness.  Spring is definitely my time of year.

Being here at the beach — Murrells Inlet, that is — means the influx of tourists.  Traffic is getting heavier, the wait times at restaurants are getting longer and the beach will get crowded soon.  On one hand, I can get annoyed with all that.  But, I have to admit, tourists and summer brings an excitement you don’t get around here in the winter.

Our pool officially opens May 1st.  Now instead of having our parties in the clubhouse, we’ll be dancing around the pool.  Unofficially, one of our New Year’s Eve revelers jumped into the pool just after the stroke of midnight, fully clothed at that; now he’ll be able to use the pool while in his bathing attire.

I thought you were all coming in too!

I thought you were all coming in too!

One area of Murrells Inlet that never seems to lack for attention is restaurant row at the Marsh Walk.  Any day of the week, whether it’s lunch or dinner time, the parking lots are jammed.  I had lunch at the Dead Dog Saloon with my sister-in-law last Sunday while the guys went to the Myrtle Beach Pelicans baseball game.  Then we did a little shopping at The Lazy Gator, one of the local places.  I used to like shopping while on vacation, but once the malls all started to look alike with the same stores and all, it got boring.  What’s the sense of buying something you can get back home?  So shopping at local places like the The Gator, as well as at the Hammock Shops is so much more fun.

I’ll write more about some of the favorite places around here the next time.  I need to finish my planting.


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