I watched a video on the Internet recently about what characteristic people possess that makes them the most happy.  I was attracted to this video because I’ve wondered it myself. Why do some people always seem so content?  Do they have especially good lives?  I’ve had people tell me that I must have had an easy life because I laugh so much.  I haven’t, by the way.

So … the attribute that is most important for being happy?  Gratitude!  Since then, I’ve thought about it a lot.  Do I have gratitude?  I do!  I didn’t realize it until I began to think about it, but I do.  That doesn’t mean I’m unrealistic or that I’ve never had “bad” things happen in my life or that I’ve never been disappointed.  Quite the contrary.  I know those things are there, I just don’t dwell on them.  When I look back on my life, I see the good things and good times, first and foremost.

  • I have two great kids (Todd and Amy) and two wonderful grandchildren (Lila and Shane).
  • A new man (Jim) in my life who is kind, caring and enthusiastic.
  • A previous man (Paul) who remains a good, dear and kind friend who taught me more than he’ll ever know.
  • A husband of 35 years (Larry) who left this Earth way too early and shared so many of those good times.
  • A brother (John) who flew out to CA to drive cross country with me when I moved back East.
  • His wife, my SIL (Deb) who came and spent two weeks packing my belongings for my move, so I could work my last two weeks.
  • My nieces and nephews who have all made me glad to have them as part of my family.  They each have their place in my heart.
  • So many friends who have stepped in and out of my life, contributing bits and pieces to my life when I’ve needed them most.
  • My new friends here in Murrells Inlet who make life fun and make me glad to be here.

I have found  that life is too short to let it pass me by without squeezing every bit of fun out of it.  Living in an adult community, I’ve learned you can’t count on there being a tomorrow.  I wish all young people would learn this, as well.  Accidents and illness happen to them too.  So … since life can change very dramatically from one minute to the next, I intend to enjoy all my minutes.  I hope you do too.

If you are interested in watching the video, this is the link:



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